Milk & Honey Apex Tequila Cask
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This single malt whisky has been matured in premium ex-tequila casks, showcasing a playful character with a variety of sweet, spicy, fruity, and earthy notes.
Aroma- Candied orange peel sprinkled with ground tonka bean, the scent of hawthorn, and some dried kiwifruit.
Palate- Hot cocoa with a heap of chili flakes, green notes of aloe vera, and geranium leaves.
Dinish- Earthy and spicy with allspice and toasted sesame seeds, a hint of tangerine.

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    Manufacturer: Milk & Honey Distillery
    Supervision: Star K
    Type: Whisky
    Alc/Vol: 53.20%
    Region: Tel Aviv
    Country: Israel
    Size: 700mL
    Shipping Weight: 2 kg
    Actual Weight: 0.70kg
    Kosher for Pesach: Not kosher for Pesach

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