Privacy Policy

 Hello, dear customer.

Thank you for taking the time to read our privacy policy in accordance to the new GDPR law as of May 2018.

Ari's Kosher Wine collects your data for the sole purpose of making our website function better. This only helps us improve our service and gives you a better experience when shopping on

We would like to explain to you which of your information we use and for what we will be using it.

Collecting information for the optimization of our website.

When you visit our website to purchase any goods for your own use, we could monitor your actions to know how and what your experience on the website is. For example: during your visit on the website, you would like to purchase a certain cut of meat, we then can monitor your action to advise you about other relatable products next to the meat, like a good wine.

The other thing we can do is follow along as you proceed with the different steps to complete your purchase on the website. Should you encounter a problem, we could easily and quickly help you find your way and find a solution for you.

How do we collect this information?

Our website is hosted by Odoo SA. When you visit our website, we could monitor your actions due to the use of cookies. These cookies are small texts which we save. With these texts we can monitor information about you as a customer. It helps us see in which language you visited the website, and from which country. We could also see where you live in the country (Note: we can only go as small as a city).

If you as a costumer have problems with us collecting any of this information, you have the right to contact us, with questions about the information you agreed being used by us. According to the GDPR law of May 2018 we need to obey your demand for adjusting the way we use your information. Should you so wish, we could make your data anonymous or delete it all, and even send it back to you.

What to do we do with your information collected by our cookies?

With your information we improve your use of our website. With monitoring your actions, we can improve the accessibility of our website. Therefore, it is easier for you as a customer to purchase any products you would like.

We only use your information for your and our accessibility. We would also like to point out that when your information isn’t relevant anymore to us, we make it anonymous.

Can you as a costumer control your data that we collect?

Yes, you can. Giving us permission to collect your data, for the use of better communication towards you as a costumer, doesn’t mean that you can’t take that permission back. According to the GDPR-law you have the full power to retreat the permission you gave us to use your information. If you don’t want us to use the information about the purchases you made in our shop, you as a costumer then have the full right to contact us and tell us that we can’t use your information anymore. You also have the right to be fully deleted from our database, or to be made anonymous, so we only use the data which isn’t personal.
According to the GDPR-law we are also legally obliged to make your data anonymous when we don’t use it anymore for the purpose you agreed us to use it for.

For which actions do we need to inform you as a costumer.

We aim for transparency in our use of your private data. We inform you in our privacy policy how we will collect data and for what purposes. We inform you of all your rights and your right to communicate with us regarding your private data. All relevant contact details are easily accessible via our website.

How is your information being protected?

We would like to minimize the risk of your data being leaked towards other parties. Odoo has strong security measures in place to protect our customers against security breaches.

Should there be a breach and we are aware of sensitive information being leaked to any third party, we will notify the customers within 72 hours of this problem.

Here is an overview of the cookies that may be stored on your device when you visit our website:

Category of Cookie Purpose Examples

Session & Security

Authenticate users, protect user data and allow the website to deliver the services users expects, such as maintaining the content of their cart, or allowing file uploads.

The website will not work properly if you reject or discard those cookies.

session_id (Odoo)


Remember information about the preferred look or behavior of the website, such as your preferred language or region.

Your experience may be degraded if you discard those cookies, but the website will still work.

frontend_lang (Odoo)
Interaction History

Used to collect information about your interactions with the website, the pages you've seen, and any specific marketing campaign that brought you to the website.

We may not be able to provide the best service to you if you reject those cookies, but the website will work.

im_livechat_previous_operator_pid (Odoo)
utm_campaign (Odoo)
utm_source (Odoo)
utm_medium (Odoo)

Advertising & Marketing

Used to make advertising more engaging to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers, such as providing more relevant ads when you visit other websites that display ads or to improve reporting on ad campaign performance.

Note that some third-party services may install additional cookies on your browser in order to identify you.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. Each browser is a little different, so look at your browser's Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies. We do not currently support Do Not Track signals, as there is no industry standard for compliance.