Gamla Merlot
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Gamla Merlot is produced from Merlot fruit grown in the cold climate volcanic soil and high altitude unique to the Golan Heights. The wine's distinctive style and personality express its varietal character the Golan growing region and the people who created it. Gamla Merlot aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. Endowed with a profusion of cherry and plum layered with dried herbs earth and chocolate this wine is elegant and appealing. Best served at 17-20°C.

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    Manufacturer: Golan Heights Winery
    Supervision: OK, Harav Auerbach Tiberius
    Mevushal: No
    Type: Red
    Vintage: 2019
    Alc/Vol: 14.50%
    Region: Golan Heights
    Country: Israel
    Barrel Aged: 12 months
    Settlement: Golan Height - Proud Israeli Settlement
    Size: 750mL
    Shipping Weight: 2 kg
    Actual Weight: 0.75 kg
    Kosher for Pesach: Kosher for Pesach

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