Cardhu 14 Years Special Release 2021
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As our fable goes, upon a hill of blackened rock grew a mysterious tree with scarlet blossoms of irresistible charm. their sweet aroma of honeycomb and spice was so alluring, that it transformed the dark hill into lush abundance. where crimson petals had fallen, a distillery took root. the spellbinding scent filled the air, infusing Cardhu with its distinctively enchanting character.
Gaelic whispers of the black rock, 'carn dubh' shape-shifted into the eternal Cardhu of today, conjured within the misty eminence of Mannoch Hill, the spirit beckons with a familiar allure, perhaps it's the signature of pioneer Helen cumming, whose deft and delicate hand distilled an illicit whisky by the cloak of darkness today, a mystic magnetism still exudes from every drop.
In this golden malt, white grape and lychee aromas frolic with melodious fruits and meadow flowers. composed in wine-seasoned wood, it has a healthier-honeyed sweetness. fragrantly, it charms with a creamy-smooth texture and perfumed taste, enriched by lush red berries. smoother still with water, the finish carries a warming pinch of white pepper. like a single bloom, thisCardhu is remarkable to behold.

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    Manufacturer: Cardhu
    Type: Whisky
    Alc/Vol: 55.50%
    Region: Speyside
    Country: Scotland
    Size: 700mL
    Kosher for Pesach: Not kosher for Pesach

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