Amalfi Illuminare Vino Bianco
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Welcome to the luxurious experience of Amalfi. Where the picturesque coastline is as serene as it is energizing: rich in culture, and possibilities. At our winery in Abruzzo, Southern Italy, we follow an old-school wine-making method using oak barrels which unveil an irresistible violet aroma. In recent years, our barrels have produced our very best blend and we're thrilled to share a wine of this unique character: A fruity and thoughtfully sweet Moscato. Experience a classic 'Muscato'the Italian name for 'Muscat Blanc', one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. This wine has a bright golden color with notes of rose petals, peaches, and apricots. The bright floral notes of illuminare feel like a sun-soaked Amalfi morning that illuminates your soul.

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