Walders Vodka & Vanilla

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Only the finest ingredients have been carefully selected to create a wonderful creamy fusion of high quality vodka vanilla and a unique natural non-dairy base.
Walders vodka & vanilla provides a cool and refreshing taste expierence that is delightful on its own swirled with ice and delicious in cocktails. Its natural non-dairy base makes Walders perfect for mixing with fruit juices to create a whole range of new and exciting long refreshing drinks.
the ultimate in style and sophistication only Walders offrrs a unique blend of quality taste and mixability.

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    Manufacturer: Walders
    Supervision: Machzike Hadass Manchester, OU
    Type: Liqueur
    Alc/Vol: 17%
    Country: United Kingdom
    Size: 200mL
    Kosher for Pesach: Not kosher for Pesach

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