Dalton Nadav Single Vineyard

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Produced in limited quantities only Dalton Single Vineyard wines reflect the nature story and essence of their source. They embody the subtle changes and variables that have influenced their year of production providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Superior and selected these original wines showcase the qualities of a distinct place time and variety which together represent a true expression of the Galilee terroir. Every single moment can be special. Pause for pleasure.

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    Manufacturer: Dalton Winery
    Supervision: Badatz Yoreh De'ah, Harav Ungar, OU
    Mevushal: No
    Type: Red
    Vintage: 2020
    Alc/Vol: 14.50%
    Region: Upper Galilee
    Country: Israel
    Barrel Aged: 16 months
    Size: 750mL
    Kosher for Pesach: Kosher for Pesach

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