Milk & Honey Apex Dead Sea Batch No. 019
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The M&H Apex Dead Sea is our most exciting, fascinating, and anticipated release yet. We hand-picked an array of casks from a variety of types and sizes and placed them on the roof of a hotel on the coast of the Dead Sea, exposed to the harsh and dynamic climate of the lowest place on earth, resulting in almost 40% of angels' share during that time.
the M&H Apex Dead Sea is a single malt whiskey like no other. This whisky is as strong and intense as the climate it was matured in. It is an adventure we went on, driven by our love for whisky and innovative spunk.

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    Manufacturer: Milk & Honey Distillery
    Supervision: Star K
    Type: Whisky
    Alc/Vol: 55.50%
    Region: Dead Sea
    Country: Israel
    Size: 700mL
    Shipping Weight: 2 kg
    Actual Weight: 0.70kg
    Kosher for Pesach: Not kosher for Pesach

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