Hevron Heights Isaac's Ram Cabernet Sauvignon 375ml

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The grapes for this oak barrel-aged (18 months) Cabernet Sauvignon mature at a leisurely pace while basking in the warm sun of the Judean Mountains and being gently caressed by the cool maritime breezes from Israel's Mediterranean coastal plain. This ideal climate allows the fruit to reach its full potential.
Palate: Ripe raspberries with hints of black pepper and aromatic spices. Best served with grilled meats and colorful ethnic cuisines. Best bet - open and decant at least half an hour prior to drinking and serve at room temperature. Please store on its side in a cool and dark place

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    Supervision: Machzike Hadass Belz, Harav Gruber, Badatz Yoreh De'ah, Igud Rabbonim Landau
    Mevushal: Yes
    Type: Red
    Vintage: 2018
    Alc/Vol: 14%
    Region: Judean Hills
    Country: Israel
    Settlement: Judean Hills - Proud Israeli Settlement
    Size: 375mL
    Shipping Weight: 2 kg
    Actual Weight: 1.5 kg

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